Mahsa Willis’ eponymous label of delicate blouses, oversized blazers and romantic dresses is stocked at Fabric.

Your new A Single Woman ‘mood’ is now in-store at Fabric. Can you tell us a little about the impetus behind the collection?

I have always loved the simplicity of men’s style, the ease and the edit. They go back to what works, and do it again and again. I found myself suddenly single and part of the healing process was to design a collection that combines a masculine mood with a very feminine twist, as a way of consoling my inner space. It also echoes independence and strength – a metaphor I felt was quite timely.

What are some of the key pieces in the collection for you? 

Gentleman shirting in two styles, Preacher interaction, trenches with romantic sleeves, blazers in tweed, crop pants and a shorter O’Keeffe ballet dress – offering a more playful take on the O’Keeffe dress.

What actions are helping you feel empowered as a single woman at the moment? 

Meditation, work and friendship.

The images for the mood were shot at the iconic Brake House in Titirangi. Was that a nod to the similar house in the film A Single Man? 

Yes, I loved that film and I love film, it’s a constant reference point. It’s visceral and emotive. I love love The Lautner House, the perfect canvas for Tom’s film. [Fashion designer Tom Ford is the director of A Single Man.]

What do you love about Brake House as a piece of architecture? 

Isolation, surrounding nature and the timeless nature of its expression

The images were shot by your long-time collaborator Derek Henderson. How did the two of you first come to work together? 

Derek is friends with many people I know. When I asked him to shoot my debut we both liked the idea of basing it in the bush and in ‘60s architecture. I am also very inspired by his broader work. He brings a certain polish, a very Antipodean mood, which I wanted my brand to convey.

What are you…Reading

Too tired to read but dipping in and out of Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind, The Listener, Vanity Fair, a Buddhism handbook.

...Listening to 

National Radio, Aldous Harding, Chet Baker, Hive Mind The Internet