Peter Wing Seeto (they/them) is a queer multidiscplinary maker who hails from the archipelago of Vanuatu. Now based in Papatoetoe, Tāmaki Makaurau, Peter's practice focuses on imagery shot on film. For Pride 2024, Britomart is delighted to feature a range of Peter's photographs in which their friends present themselves - or amplified, aspirational versions of themselves - for the camera. We spoke to Peter about their work and being an artist in Tāmaki Makaurau.

TIA SAGAPOLUTELE Thanks for chatting with me today. Would you mind introducing yourself and your arts practice to start with?

PETER WING SEETO Cool. My name is Peter Wing Seeto, but I just go by Peter Wing, and I'm a multidisciplinary artist based in South Auckland. A lot of my practice is mainly to do with photography but occasionally I have elements of other stuff such as embroidery, stitching, creative direction and styling.  

TIA What got you into the arts and when did it all start for you?

PETER It all started when I went to Elam School of Fine Arts. Initially when I enrolled, I was only a painter and I did nothing else. It wasn't until I experienced different things in my first year that I realised I didn't like painting. I started to enjoy other genres and photography was the one I liked the most. 

TIA You talk about photography being your main arts practice with other elements interwoven. Can you share what your photo series at Britomart is about?

PETER The works are from a photo series called Out-pour and Out-source, which feature people who I have crossed paths with and have somewhat inspired me throughout my creative journey. A lot of these people in the series are pillars in their creative fields. I wanted the process to be with people I knew or from my community so curating specific concepts that represent each individual was very important to me. At the time of shooting these images, I was really into styling and after interning through fashion, it sparked up everything I was interested in. 

TIA One of the things that stood out for me was the frames you've created, which add layers to the images.

PETER Yes. Initially when we were making these works, I wanted to elevate them even more. I remember someone telling me that the frames feel like you're looking into portals of each person. I loved that because I wanted to include their personalities and aspects of their own work. Usually when I take photos, we tend to look at them in a one-dimensional way and I wanted this series to pour out of the image and make it more three-dimensional. I'm really happy that these works are given new life in a different space and new eyes will be able to experience them.

TIA I'm curious to know if there is a difference from the first works you made in this series and the later ones. What helped shape you into the artist you are today?

PETER A lot of my first works were more to do with objects. There was never a person involved in my works. It wasn't until one of my tutors mentioned to me, "You know your works would be a lot better if you put yourself in them?" I thought, "I'll try but I'm not very comfortable with that." So, I started to photograph myself and got asked to be a muse for other projects and brands and it was fun! I'm definitely more comfortable and confident now because of it all.

TIA What does it mean to you to have your works printed large in a public space like Britomart?

PETER It honestly means a lot to me because at some point everyone either starts or finishes their journey at Britomart. I like that these works are presented in a different space that's not a conventional gallery but rather a public space that all walks of life will experience, whether intentionally or not. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my craft and I'm excited to see my friends presented here.

Peter Wing Seeto's works are in conjunction with Auckland Pride. For more information on Auckland Pride events, visit

PHOTO 1 Peter Wing by Nareah Filipo

PHOTO 2 Sione Monū by Peter Wing, Makeup by Ashley Southgate

PHOTO 3 Nita Faletagoai by Peter Wing, Makeup by Ashley Southgate

PHOTO 4 Azryd by Peter Wing, Makeup by Ashley Southgate

PHOTO 5 Ego Face by Peter Wing, Makeup by Ego Face