The store manager at Taylor Britomart is bunkered down with pals and lots of cosy winter knits.

Where are you on lockdown and who are you with?

I’m at home during lockdown with my flatmates – three gorgeous girls, including my close friend from back in Scotland (I’m originally from there). It’s so nice to be bunkered down with a familiar face, while apart from family.

How are you all doing? Do you need any help from the outside world?

We are doing good – we are definitely coming up with some creative solutions to keep ourselves entertained – Gala dinners on Fridays (where we dress up to go to the kitchen table) and “Wine Down Wednesday” being two of them, haha! 

Are you still working, and if so, how?

I am still doing a bit of work from home, mostly involving being there for our lovely clients who need any help as we move through our winter season – we totally encourage anyone to drop us a line for anything from styling advice or just to chat. As well as making sure our team are staying connected through this time too.

What will this situation mean for your business/job, and is there any way that the community can support it now, or when a little more normalcy returns?

I’m hoping that it will encourage people to shop small and local, and support New Zealand-run businesses now and in the future. I hope everyone remains kind and supportive to each business as we navigate towards a little more normalcy again

What are the main things you’re doing to stay occupied/positive?

A LOT of crafting! I stocked up on supplies while I could, and it looks like I’ll be doing heaps of knitting, embroidering and drawing. I’m going to be able to spend lots of time calling and catching up with friends and family overseas too, that I don’t always have the time to do. So I’m grateful to be given that opportunity.

What are you finding to be the biggest challenge and how are you handling it?

It’s a running joke in our house that I LOVE a daily schedule and people who stick to it. But I’m sure I’ll find a way to plan my days, even if that comes down to snack timings, or appropriate wine hours!

Do you have a project or lifestyle change that you’re planning to get underway in this time?

Yes – two actually! I’m planning on taking an online Excel course, which is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and haven’t got round too. I also took up yoga at the end of last year, and there’s definitely some poses I want to learn before I can get back to a class.

What’s your go-to isolation outfit going to be?

A big, cosy Taylor sweater and denims. And a ball gown for Gala Fridays, haha.

Your recommendations for 

A series or film to watch We’ve been watching ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix this week. One of the most insane true stories I’ve ever seen, that you can’t help but keep watching.

A book to read  ‘This is Going to Hurt’ by Adam Kay – it’s a hilarious real-life account of a trainee doctor through his first years of medicine. So appropriate at the moment, when our healthcare practitioners are doing so much for us.

An account to follow  Jonathan Van Ness (the grooming expert from Queer Eye) for continued positivity every day @jvn on Instagram

A site to visit  Taylor! We’ve got some great blogs already on there, and some lovely inspirational content planned