Our picks of the best on the internet, for every week we’re in lockdown.

Possibly the most soothing content on the internet right now is the rural lifestyle video series produced by Chinese vlogger Lizi Qi. In-between dreamy, focus-pulling shots of the rural Sichuan landscape, Qi plants seasonally, harvests and cooks delicious meals for her elderly grandmother, collects cotton to make cloth, builds bamboo furniture and weaves cloaks. It’s an idyllic escape in 10-minute snippets. 



If Qi’s cooking has you feeling inspired to hit the kitchen, this guide from the very recently late, great Metro magazine (we’re pouring out a 40 as we type) tells you all the places in Auckland you can pick up meal ingredients that aren’t the supermarket. Although the magazine sadly shuttered with the closure of Bauer Media, they say they’ll continue posting already-commissioned content for the rest of the month. 



The team at New Zealand Geographic (another fine New Zealand magazine) are adding content daily to their Together At Home series. There’s fantastic reading that gives you a deeper insight into New Zealand’s wildlife, landscapes and people along with activity suggestions for the whole family. 



Now that you’ve got all this time to catch up on the pop culture back catalogue that you never had time for before, do you find yourself sort of feeling like… not catching up on that back catalogue? You’re not alone. Staying culturally current in an age of entertainment saturation can feel more like an obligation than a chore, says Soraya Roberts for Longreads.



Freed from the obligation to spend the next week catching up on Parks & Recreation and The Wire, now you can devote yourself entirely to posting TikTok dance videos again. Need inspiration to add authenticity to your game? It’s here in this compilation of 20 great modern dance music videos. We feel a little Thom Yorke-esque freneticism coming on.