As venue manager at The Chamberlain adn Talulah, Rochelle knows her craft beers. We had a quick chat about what makes a great one.

What makes a craft beer a craft beer?

A craft beer to us is something that breaks the mould of standard beers. Breweries carefully choose the combination of hops and malts to create an interesting and delicious brew

What characteristics make a craft beer great?

The great thing about craft beer is the variety. What can be someone’s favourite may not suit someone else’s tastes, and that’s the draw. Everyone is their own judge and jury on what is a good craft beer.

What makes The Chamberlain’s rotating selection of craft beer worth test-driving?

We have a huge selection of beers available, so we have room to add some weird and wonderful additions to the list as well as the tried and true favourites. We pride ourselves in finding the perfect beer for everyone and anyone who comes in.

What is the most popular craft beer on tap at The Chamberlain? Why do you think this is?

It changes all the time. We find hazy IPAs to be a real crowd pleaser at the moment and they can vary so much – it’s fun to get the try all the variants out there