Serval Fandango (one of those is his actual name!) is one of Auckland’s hottest young graphic artists right now, creating eye candy that we thought was the perfect fit for our Sweet Treats November campaign

Thanks for the illustration you did for us. How would you describe your style of work?

I'd say its a style that captures the fun, colourful, vibrant and cheekiness of illustration.

How did you get started in art? Was it something you were keen on as a kid?

I think I got started as a kid when my dad gave me a stack of his old comic books. They had fun, adventure, danger and triumph. It was inspiring.

Which artists inspire you, and why?

Askew and Gina Kiel. Both top New Zealand and international artists. They inspire me, not only by their unique styles to be myself creatively, but their drive to keep pushing themselves as artists. They really helped me as an artist to keep doing art.

What else are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am curating an exhibition at the ASB Waterfront Theatre with support from the Auckland Theatre Company. It will be a new area for me to tackle, and a new crowd to show to. It’s opening 23 November. In December with Akl Live, I will be projecting a Christmas-themed animation of an elf toy factory onto Aotea Centre all December. I can't wait for all to see.

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

Going outside and getting some sun for once, haha.