We conduct an annual survey of Britomart community members as part of our reporting under the Green Star Performance Tool. This covers aspects like thermal and acoustic comfort levels, lighting and air quality in buildings. This year we also included questions related to wider environmental issues to establish a benchmark for future surveys. 

The survey was sent out to members of the Britomart community by email, and received 325 responses.

The survey size means the results displayed here are not definitive, but we believe the questions about wider environmental issues in particular provide a useful benchmark for us to track attitudinal changes each year. In this sense, the emailed survey is another tool which allows us to take a broader view of our sustainability efforts, and to ensure our initiatives are in tune with the desires of our community.   

This year’s survey revealed high levels of environmental concern but - and this may be pandemic related - fewer companies emphasising sustainability policies, and an increase in the percentage of people who choose to drive to work.