Interview and photograph by Florence Noble.

The impeccable co-founder of Fabric has great taste, and his high-end streetwear store is full of covetable Christmas gifts. 

How will you be spending your Christmas period?

This year we’re going to hang out at the house. Probably go to our favourite reserve, which is Wenderholm, have a barbecue, sit under a tree and go swimming. Go running. I do a lot of running. Probably go out into the wilderness, into nature.

What do you do to celebrate it?

Christmas dinner with all the family. We’re English, so it’s a pretty traditional Christmas. Turkey dinner.

Do you have Yorkshire puddings?

That’s with beef.


Not so much with Turkeys.

Okay. How do you treat yourself and what do you do for others at Christmas?

I spoil myself all year. For us as a family, we buy gifts. But we spoil ourselves by hanging out together. But the kids will obviously want presents.

What level is their gift ability?

They do think about it. And they do get things that are things they think Dad would like.

Do you have a wish list for Christmas this year?

  • I want a gravel bike. A road bike for off-road. 
  • And I always love Aēsop. Maybe a room spray. 
  • And also I’d like a really cool straw hat. I’m yet to find one here. The Japanese do it really well. 

I think I’d shotgun buying you the Aesop or straw hat if it were me. What about gift ideas?

  • A gift voucher from Ryder would be cool. Because everyone wants a good haircut. 
  • A Comme des Garçons wallet. 
  • And the other thing I think would be cool around here is a Tiffany keyring.

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