Working at Ted Baker London means Sam is surrounded by fashionable gift ideas for friends and family. 

How will you be spending your Christmas period?

Going away. Around the Coromandel and up north as well, with a couple of friends.

Do you celebrate Christmas?

Not in my family, no, we celebrate Chinese New Year, so we’ll get together then and have a meal. I usually go for Christmas lunch at a friend’s place, and see a few people. 

Do you buy them presents?

Yeah, I get presents for all my closest friends.

Do you have any gifts you’re expecting from them?

No. Not really. Everyone’s kind of broke! They’re all saving up for summer.

What would your wish list be if they were richer?

I’d like a year’s supply of coffee from White’s & Co. I get it every time I come into work. 

If you had a year’s supply though, would you be sensible and have one before work like usual, or would you have, like, five in one day?

Probably! I usually have one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the afternoon so it wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary.

  • I’d also like a coat from Ted Baker for winter. 
  • And there’s a nice white camera bag in store that I’d quite like.

Any ideas for Christmas gifts for others?

  • A skydiving pass!
  • There’s a men’s striped shirt in-store here that I have my eye on for someone.
  • And I’m going to get my mum a wallet from here too.

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