The creative director of Zambesi is looking forward to good food and family time over Christmas – and vouchers for more feel-good experiences.

How will you be spending your Christmas period?

I will be spending my Christmas period in a very relaxed mood hopefully. With my family and it’s all about the food, isn’t it? Over Christmas. We might do prawns and salmon, and some lamb. Maybe turkey, but we’re not particularly traditional.

What do you do for Christmas?

I like being the matriarch I suppose, but I think we all pitch in and have our specialty things that we like to make. Like, Marissa [her daughter] will make an amazing trifle. And Sophie [her other daughter] will make an ice cream that she mixes all these goodies into – chocolates and lollies. And we remember all our friends and family who aren’t there, who have passed. That’s always something we do at Christmas. The other thing we always do – after we’ve eaten too much – is put a big card puzzle together. And we might go out on the water. Waiheke or in the Hauraki Gulf. 

Do you treat yourself at Christmas?

Yes, Neville and I bought ourselves tickets to Patti Smith, who I’ve always longed to see. In April at the Town Hall, which is a great venue.

Do you have a wish list of things you’re hoping people might get you?

  • Yes I do. I’d love dinner at Amano.
  • And a really beautiful massage. Or a good book.
  • And I just want my family to be happy and healthy.

That’s quite a big ask for Christmas though, isn’t it?

Yes it is. But my nephew asked me for world peace. I said I don’t know if I can do that, but I’ll do my best. But that’s what we really want isn’t it? To not have the stress of all the things that are going on around the world. That would be ideal. 

Do you have any gift list suggestions for people feeling at a loss?

  • Well, we do gift vouchers at Zambesi. If you don’t know what to buy someone that’s a good option. We’ve got some amazing fragrances, socks, beautiful jewellery. Some great Acne (Studios) purses and clutches. 
  • They’ve got amazing gifts in World, too. I don’t really shop anywhere else. They have lots of little gift options. I love their Cire Trudon candles.

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