Music, moisturisers and good memories are the motivators behind this Juliette Hogan retail assistant’s Christmas wish list and gift list.

Are you having a break this Christmas?

I’m working Christmas Eve, driving to the Coromandel, spending Christmas with my step-mum and dad’s family, and driving back to Auckland to work on Boxing Day.

What do you do to celebrate Christmas?

Presents, family, eating food. The food on Christmas day. Christmas ham, potatoes, chicken, salads. It’s the best.

What do you do for others at Christmas?

I buy dad a present and my brothers and sisters and some friends. Last Christmas, we played a game where we buy one present each and we can steal everyone else’s present. It’s a really stressful game.

What would you like people to get you this year?

  • My favourite things is concert tickets. I’ve asked my dad for a Bay Dreams festival ticket. And I asked my step-mum for a Laneway ticket and I also asked my Dad for a Six60 ticket. 
  • I also really want a pair of Molly sunglasses from Kate Sylvester. They’re super cute. 
  • And I also really want a film camera to take photos of things happening in the summer. 

A Polaroid?

No I’ve got one of those. I want one that you can’t see the pictures, before you get them developed.

Gift list ideas?

  • A nice wallet is a good present for anyone. Fabric has some really good ones. I mean who couldn’t do with one of those wallets?
  • Jo Malone London do good gift sets with moisturisers and things like that. 
  • Or dinner at Ortolana. It’s so nice in the evening. I walk past it and it smells so good every morning and every night and it makes me hungry.
  • I also want to get my best friend a pair of Doc Martens from Karen Walker because I know that she’s wanted them forever.

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